Preformed Pouches

Preformed pouches offer distinctive benefits to your products. The variety of styles and sizes we offer make it easy to match the right pouch to your needs—with factors such as cost, construction, shelf presence and capacity all taken into consideration. There are a wide variety of choices to customize your preformed pouch:

  • Paper or film print surface
  • Clear or opaque films to enhance graphic appeal
  • Barrier films to extend shelf life
  • Offset printing for shelf-popping graphics and speed to market
  • Resealable closures to keep product fresh and easy to access
  • Pouches with 2 or 3-side seals
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Side-gussets pouches

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    • Feature

      Variety of styles available (2-side seal, 3-side seal, bottom gusset, side gusset and side guesset with bottom fold.)
    • Feature

      Sombrero or round hanger punches available.
    • Features

      Paper or film print ply avialable to suit your objectives for market appeal.
    • Feature

      Press-to-close and slider closures available.
    • Feature

      Miter or folded bottoms available on side guesset pouches to provide maximum bottom display panel.
    • Feature

      Outstanding Shelf Appeal
    • Feature

      High Barrier Properties
    • Feature

      Completely sealed package provides total protection against contamination, moisture, oxygen, grease and infestation.
    • Feature

      Press-to-close or slider closures for consumer convenience